Why Us?

Suzanne, the owner of Charlie's Pals Independent Dog Groomer, offers Dog Grooming as well as Pet Services such as Cat Care and care for small animals (see Services & Rate for more details)


As a family of animal lovers we know how keeping pets can sometimes be challenging.  Whether you work full time, have a day out or want to enjoy a holiday away with family we understand your concerns over pet care. (Please note we do NOT board Dogs) 


It's not just questions like 'Where will they go?', 'How much will it cost?' that worries most pet owners, but most of all you will ask yourself the question 'Will they be happy and ok while we are away?'


That's why we offer you a free pre-groom meeting to give you the opportunity to come and visit us at the Grooming Salon to meet Charlie himself (Our Dog) and Suzanne to discuss your requirements and how we can help.  Or we can come and visit you and your pets at your home.


To arrange a visit to discuss your needs, please contact us to arrange a suitable time for both of us.